World Tourism Day 2018: Know Date, Significance, Theme and Celebrations of the Day
World Tourism Day 2018 (Photo credits: File photo)

September 27 is an international observance of World Tourism Day by the United Nations World Tourism Organization since the year 1980. The World Tourism Organization is responsible for the promotion of sustainable and universally accessible tourism. A leading organisation in the field of tourism, it promotes the field for economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability. They also offer leadership and support with regards to the tourism policies worldwide. New Visa Rules for Indian Passport Holders Makes International Travel Lot Easier to These Countries! 

Date and Theme: 

September 27 is observed as the World Tourism Day since the statutes of the UNWTO were adopted on this day in the year 1970. These statutes have been considered a milestone in global tourism. This day is marked to create more awareness about the role of tourism internationally, and how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values all over the world. It also aims to highlight the role of tourism in contributing to sustainable development.

The theme for World Tourism Day 2018 is "Tourism and the Digital Transformation." The theme stands for the advent of digital media transforming the ways people connect and inform. It also encourages transforming behaviour and encouraging innovation and sustainable, responsible growth strategies. These Travel & Navigation Apps Can Ease Every Woman's Commute.

Significance of World Tourism Day:

The field of tourism is seeing a steady growth for decades. The field has expanded in ways more than one. Today, tourism is also the fastest growing sectors, making is economically viable too. The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is expecting the field to grow at an average of 3% annually till the year 2030. While all over the globe there are some economic crises being felt, that has not affected tourism much. The international travels continue to rise and thus the revenue earned from them are also on a rise. On World Tourism Day 2018, Learn Some Tips to Travel on a Shoestring Budget in India. 

The UNWTO decided in the year 1979 to mark this day and since 1980 this day has been celebrated every year. The organisation believes that this day is apt because it comes at the end of the high tourist season in the northern hemisphere and the start of the tourist season in the southern hemisphere. So tourism is of interest to people worldwide- those working in the field and also those looking to travel.

Celebrations of World Tourism Day:

The official celebrations of the day will be held in Budapest, Hungary which is currently enjoying a growth of tourism backed by constant support and commitment to a digital future. There will sessions held in other parts of the world, where people talk of the opportunities that have grown due to the tourism sector. The technological advancements have helped in tourism, with some big data and digital platforms. On this day, the semi-finalists of the 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition, launched by UNWTO will also be announced. The idea is to give recognition to travel start-ups that have innovative ideas and change the way we travel.