Travel is said to have the power to transform lives and instantly help us unwind and relax and fill our souls with happiness and calm. But in addition to the emotional benefits that travel provides in our lives, it also plays a crucial role in helping various states and countries make a profitable living. Tourism is an essential contributor to the global economy, and every year, World Tourism Day captures the significance of this observance and how to celebrate World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day 2021 is celebrated on September 27, and the celebration is bound to be filled with travel. Millions of people worldwide have especially understood the importance of travel and tourism in the past year and are bound to get their journey started in this year, now that places are opening up. And for those planning their own 2021 travels, there are a few evergreen tourist places that are your best bet. As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2021, here are the seven places you can plan a peaceful and enjoyable vacation.

1. Maldives

A quick scan of your social media stands as a testament to the popularity of Maldives. Run mainly based on the revenue from tourism, Maldives makes sure that all the tourists have a memorable experience. And thanks to the serene views and peaceful surroundings, you are sure to find some much-needed peace and calm. The fact that packages to the Maldives are available in various budgets to fit everyone's needs and wants, the location is bound to be a clear hit with your partner.

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2. Kerala

A quick search of popular vacation spots across Kerala will show you the reason that God's Own Country is so high on the list. Whether you are planning to explore the fun and lively town of Fort Kochi with friends, unwind at the backwaters at Alleppey or need a quick getaway to Wayanad, the options in this state are endless. This is why Kerala is one of the most common places that most people want to visit!

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3. Goa

Irrespective of whether you loved or grew up with Dil Chahta Hai or not, you are bound to have experienced the never-executing plan of "Let's go to Goa yaar." And this beautiful location stands true to all its hype. Enjoy the party life in North Goa or go for a more local and calming experience by exploring South Goa, but you definitely need to go to Goa.

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4. Leh / Ladakh

If snow-clad mountains, historic locations, and chilly weather is something you enjoy, a trip to Leh Ladakh is undoubtedly a must on your travel list. Whether you backpack on your Himalayan rangers or hire a ranger to drive through the hills, the location has many unique experiences for everyone.

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5. Delhi

Visiting our nation's capital is something we should all definitely do, though, but visiting Delhi is about more than just that. The union territory is filled with rich architectural gems and also offers serene experiences and undoubtedly some of the best food options in the country. A quick walkthrough of Hauz Khas, a drive through Red Fort and India Gate, and some mind-boggling shopping from Janpath will surely give you a relaxing break you need!

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6. Mumbai

The city that never sleeps is also filled with various unique experiences that make it a must-visit location. Whether you enjoy the last spills of monsoons or merely want to experience the party culture in the city during the Holiday season, Mumbai will always welcome you with open arms and give you memories that you can cherish for a lifetime!

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7. Dubai

If you want to experience what a grand New Years' celebration with fireworks and sound shows and all the jazz looks like, then visiting Dubai in December needs to be on your list. It offers a peek into a very modern New Year's celebration at a considerably lower cost, making it a must-visit country. The chilly weather and the array of activities you can enjoy are added advantages that we need to consider!

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In addition to this, there are far too many places, both inside India and abroad that need to be on any travel-lover's list. And if you have a dream location that you have been planning for, share your secret list with us to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021!

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