One of the most celebrated festivals in the US is the Thanksgiving Day. People across the country get in the holiday festive mood and Thanksgiving also marks the beginning for holidays and massive shopping sale across the US. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the November and in 2018, it will be marked on November 22. One of the important rituals during Thanksgiving is the preparation of a Turkey feast. But this year, instead of having ‘a Turkey’ you can try ‘the Turkey’. Now what do we mean by ‘the Turkey’. We are talking about two Turkey sex positions that is suitable for Thanksgiving. They are Turkey Baster and Turkey Trot. Best Sex Position for Men With Small Penis: ‘X Marks the Spot’ is Ideal to Satisfy Your Partner.

Winters call for cosy evenings, some hot chocolate and bonfire. If you are home alone this Thanksgiving with your spouse, turn the heat on in the bedroom with a kinky sex position called the Turkey Baster sex position. It is one of the intense and wild sex positions and you could stir up some spice in your sex life. How to master this sex position? The woman needs to lie on the back with the legs over her head. Have your partner squat in front of you, using your legs for support. The Turkey Baster sex position is ideal for deep penetration and will hit the woman’s all the right spots. It is also a great move for men with a small penis as the woman’s leg is stretched above her head, there is plenty of room for penetration.

Another Turkey sex position is the Turkey Trot. This is a take on the famous Doggy style. The receiving partner can either kneel on the bed or bend over a hard surface. The penetrative partner stands or kneels behind them and enters from back. To complete the Turkey Trot, the receiving partner can put their hands behind their back for the penetrative partner to hold while they thrust. Also, this position is great if you’ve stuffed your stomach with a grand Thanksgiving meal and you do not wish to lie down to have sex. Try these Turkey sex positions and thank us later. Also, thankfully no Turkey was harmed in this process. Let us know in comments if you are going to enjoy these sex positions this Thanksgiving.

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