A Dog in Tiger Cage And Hens in Ostrich Enclosure, Chinese Zoo Angers Visitors, Watch Video
Chinese zoo has wrong animals in their enclosures (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

A zoo in China has been facing a lot of criticism and rightly so after they have messed up with the animals in their enclosure. The Yuhe Zoo located in Hebei, China has replaced the animals to an unimaginable level. So an enclosure marked for tiger has a dog, and one for an ostrich has just hens. Naturally, the visitors are unimpressed. The incident came to light after one of the visitors posted a video of the sad state of the zoo on a social media site. In A Hilarious Video From Chinese Zoo Monkey Snatches Tourist’s Wallet & Throws Away All the Money. 

The zoo has many wrong animals in their cages. Dogs are in more numbers in this 'zoo.' The video shows that a lake meant for crocodiles has swans swimming, an enclosure for owls and other birds have dogs. Another enclosure with a big board reading Australia's ostrich, the largest bird had fat hens sitting inside. "There were a lot of signs that didn't match up," said Schlieffen, the user who uploaded the video, in a report to Beijing Youth Daily. Zoo in Cairo Paints Donkeys Black and White to Pass Them Off As Zebras, Director Denies They Are Fake! 

Check out the video of the Yuhu zoo in China:

Since the video went viral, there was a lot of outrage against the apathy of its condition. But the zoo officials said that a lot of their animals were shipped and they had not changed the signs as yet. The zoo thus even reduced the charges of their tickets. Although there is no explanation as to why dogs are kept in these zoo cages.