Ahead of Christmas 2019, People Share Fondest Memories of Their Childhood When They Lit Up Aluminium Trees During Holiday (View Pics)
Aluminium Christmas Tree (Photo Credits: @jamisondoran/ @LouiseEnfield/ Twitter)

The holiday season is here. We just a have to beat a few more hours before we lit up the giant star on the freshly decorated pine tree. Or for many of us, that task is already done! With the onset of winter, the Christmassy feeling captivates us. Today we mostly prefer to adore the green trees, but back in the 50s and 60s, it was the aluminium trees that would dazzle the corner of every household. The artificial Christmas tree was a hit in the United States from 1958 until about the mid-1960s, and some people even extended it till the 70s. As Christmas 2019 is approaching, people on Twitter are sharing their fondest memories of their childhood when they used to love lightening these silver trees during the holiday. The pictures of those vintage setting have surfaced on the internet with people going all nostalgic. #MerryChristmasJustin Trends on Twitter to Raise Awareness on 22q Syndrome! 

As the name suggests, the trees were made of aluminium, featuring foil needles and illumination from below via a rotating colour wheel. The trees were used as a symbol of commercialisation of Christmas especially the 1965 hit TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The show discredited its suitability as a holiday decoration. By the mid-2000s aluminium trees discovered a secondary market online, often selling for high prices. The collections of such trees also appeared in museum collections. Christmas Explosion TikTok Videos Are Dreamy and Serve Best Festive Decor Ideas For The Holiday Season. 

Now that we chose to decorate the freshly green pine trees, the memories of silver trees will never fade away. At least not for these people on Twitter, who are sharing their memories, when they would adore the trees with their grandparents, and till today, have the vintage aluminium trees.

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Aside from your classic red and green, silver has always been a classically festive shade that embodies the spirit of the holiday season. The glistening appeal offers a charming twinkle, whether it is ancient and you want to maintain a minimalist appeal. We all have so many Christmas memories, but the moments of decorating these aluminium trees forever remain. It might seem that their time had almost wholly passed; those who adored the silver aluminium trees will forever cherish the memories.