Apple AirPods Pro Funny Memes Are Here! New Product Gets Compared to Pokemon, Cartoons, Game Characters, Blow Dryers and What Not
Apple AirPods Trolled (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Apple has released another product that’s become a meme. After the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple launched its AirPods Pro and people have thoughts about the new products. While some are busy trolling its price (like every apple product), most can’t get over the way it looks. Some are comparing it to a pokemon,some think it looks like a game character and some think it looks like a blow dryer. Whatever it is, it’s getting hilarious! If you just bought a pair of Apple AirPods to flex, you might have to upgrade again. Apple just launched a newer version of their infamous, wireless earphones, and everyone is going gaga over it. While we can say that the new design is sleeker and dainty, Twitter is seeing some funny things and now we can't see it the same way either!  15-Year Old Boy in US Turns Apple EarPods Into AirPods in Just $4 - Report.

Just like the original AirPods, the fresh one is also getting trolled. But let’s be honest, we all know very soon, almost everyone is going to be wearing those and walking around casually. Twitter has been doing what it does best; make memes on every situation. And just like any other trendy item, Twitter is ready with some hilarious memes and reaction to the design of AirPods pro, and once you see it, you cannot un-see it. Apple IPhone SE 2 to Arrive in Late March 2020, Says Ming-Chi Kuo.

No Difference

Angrier Version

Cutest Pokemon IRL


It Fits!

AirPods on a Budget

Now Save Up Again

Put on Your Heat Protector


Team #WireEarphones

Now in Colours!

More Colours

Let the Battle Begin

MCQs Be Like

Multi Functional

Ladies, Get Em!

Prettier in Pink

Das Esspensive!

What are your thoughts on this design? Do you like it or do you think the design was stolen from game or cartoon characters? Nonetheless, just the initial AirPods, people are going to complain about how impractical this is and yet, we'll see everyone walking down the street with these tucked in their ears. Even though it's cute, we can't like them the way we did after all these comparisons and memes.