Attention Parents! 6-Year-Old UK Boy Nearly Dies After Getting Tongue Stuck in Water Bottle Lid (Watch Video)
Child playing with water bottle (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A six-year-old boy from Sainsburg had to undergo life-saving surgery after he got his tongue stuck in a bottle lid. Kids are known to be playful with anything and everything that comes into their hand, but this little one's play could have cost him his life! Riley Wooff from Lancaster needed an emergency operation after his tongue was stuck and went completely black after swelling in his mouth. To get the lid off his tongue was a tedious task for the doctors too and they decided to perform urgent surgery. 'Bundles' of Live Wriggly Worms Found in Constipated 4-Year-Old's Intestines in West Africa (View Pics).

Riley's mother Clare was driving and he was sitting at the back. He started shouting suddenly and his mother pulled over the car. She saw her son's tongue was sucked into the lid. She tried to free it herself several times but could not. As Riley began crying, panic struck and she took him to a hospital. She took him to Lancaster Royal Infirmary but medics could not remove the lid off. As his tongue continued to swell, doctors informed there was a need for major surgery. The big catch was however, this surgery could even cost him his life!

The operation involved cutting the lid off and there was a risk of the child losing his breath. Also had they not performed an urgent surgery, the swelling would go till his throat. A team of 10 doctors performed the operation and were finally able to remove the lid. Even after the operation, his tongue was so swollen that he could not put it in his mouth. 11 Wriggling Worms Pulled Out of Baby’s Eyeball After the Infant Catches Infection From Neighbour’s Dog.

Watch Video About the Shocking Incident:

When the boy left the hospital, he had a temporary speech impediment. Days later, his tongue still peels out. His mother Clare is thus warning other parents to be careful around their kids as they try and play with the bottle mouths. In fact, she has asked people to throw out such bottles. She was quoted to The Sun"It was the scariest day of our lives. To think this is an everyday item most kids would have in their school lunch boxes - it's scary. To other parents, please, just throw them away. Even as an adult, it's easy to put your tongue in these bottles messing around." It is really scary, that even we as adults tend to play around with a bottle or the lids. But this incident serves as a good warning as to why one shouldn't.