Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has jumped into the bandwagon of Bernie Sanders funny memes and jokes trend. The extremely viral pic of a very casual presence of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at US Inauguration has now turned into a meme. And now Justin Trudeau has given it a whole new twist. Senator Bernie Sanders' US Inauguration pic took over social media after people began to place him in every possible place creating funny memes  BUT now it has crashed Justin Trudeau's press conference! Yes, the Canadian PM shared a picture of Bernie Sanders' viral pic photoshopped in his press conference screenshot.

However, the fun PM decided to share it with the most hilarious caption! He wrote: "It was one thing when my son crashed my press conference a month or so ago, but this... Now is not the time to travel. Stay home - and by that, I mean your own home." He attached the photoshopped image with the jibe to make it one hilarious post! Recently even a fun meme generator was created for Bernie Sanders picture that too was about to crash. US Inauguration Day Memes Take Over Twitter: From Bernie Sanders' Casual Look to Virtual Despacito Performance, Netizens Make Jokes on Unusual Sights on The Big Day. 

Bernie Sanders' Cameo in Justin Trudeau's Press Conference:

 Bernie Sanders’ inauguration attire and pose became a viral meme on social media with people placing him legit everywhere, right from WWE rings to the kitchen. However, it is Sanders' mitten or "smittens", as its maker names it, have people's hearts. You will be surprised to know that the popular mittens sported by Bernie Sanders in the viral US Inauguration day pic is actually made by a humble and crafty school teacher from Vermont!

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