British Mother Checks Facebook While Six-Month-Old-Baby Drowns to Death in Bath! Arrested for the Negligence
Phone (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A 23-year-old mother has been arrested after her baby drowned in the bath. Kayla Lynton was checking her Facebook when baby Naomi died inside the bathroom. Although the six-month-old baby was rushed to the hospital, she died in the coma a week later. Kayla was arrested in Tel Aviv, Israel following an investigation.

Daily Mail quoted a source as saying, "Police are looking at whether she was on social media when she should have been caring for her daughter. She’s obviously devastated and now she’s having to deal with a potential criminal case as well." Texas Mother Sentenced 40 Years Prison for Letting Her Daughters Slowly Die in Car As She Partied.

The mother is said to have left the baby to go to the toilet but reports say that the police probe is also looking if she was using a phone at the same time. Kayla is married to Ilan Lynton and shifted to Israel from Shoreditch in east London, five years ago. US Mother Kills Two-Year-Old Son for Bedwetting, Sentenced to 40 Years Jail.

Kayla's lawyer Ofer Bartal said that she tried to help the child regain consciousness, but could not. He also said that the offence could land her a nine-year prison sentence. Ilan confirmed that police have taken her phone to check if she was on social media at that time.

He said, "Kayla was interrogated on the day it happened but released the same day. Now she has been questioned one more time." Police are looking to any potential negligence in taking care of the child. The couple is separated since their child's death and is reportedly 'heartbroken'.