Calf with Strange 'Human Face' Sends Chills Across Social Media! Watch Bizarre Video from Argentina
Calf born with "human face" (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Cases of genetic mutation in animals aren't very uncommon. There have been various cases that have shown weirdest examples of genetic mutation. The most recent one is of a deformed calf that underwent a rare genetic mutation. The mutant animal from a tiny village of Villa Ana, in Argentina, was born with a weird human-like face. Most villagers weren't even able to understand what was wrong, initially. The creature had a small nose and mouth that resembled very closely to humans. It is said to be a result of a rare genetic mutation. The creature wasn't able to hold his head still and died within a couple of hours after birth. The bizarre video is going viral ever since. ‘Half-Pig Half-Human’ Creature Born To a Goat Freaks Filipino Villagers Out (Watch Video).

Watch Video Of Mutant calf: 

Genetic Mutation In Animals

Both humans and animals may undergo genetic mutation. A gene mutation is a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. This causes the sequence to differs from what is commonly found in people. Mutations can affect in different ways. Right from a single DNA building block to a large segment of a chromosome, genetic mutations range widely. Pig-Human Baby Born in Kenya is Fake! Hybrid Animal is a Silicone Sculpture Created by an Italian Artist (See Viral Pics).

This is not the first case of genetic mutation in animals that went viral. A calf with two heads, four eyes and two mouths was born in Himachal Pradesh, India, just a few months back. And last year a case of genetic mutation from the Philippines saw a goat give birth to the baby looked like "half pig and half goat" baby. This "half-pig half-human creature" had created quite a buzz.