Cats are a different kind of breeds altogether. They are moody but once clings onto you, will never leave you. And especially when it's about kittens, they are simply cute and adorable. One cannot take their hands off these lovable creatures. Recently news producer and reporter at Sky News Arabia shared a video of a kitten tagging behind her on a piece of cloth. Larissa Aoun can be seen reporting holding the mike in her hand as the little one bites the piece of cloth hanging from her. She shared the video with the caption, "My most loyal follower." Cute Video of Otter Hugging a Cat While Sleeping is Going Viral, Check Other Adorable Pics and Videos of This 'Otterly Purrfect' Unlikely Friendship.

The adorable video has gone viral with social media with people exclaiming at cute the little animal is. As the video went viral, Twitterati commented on how cute the little cat looked. One of the comment reads, "One of the A sky news Arabia presenter interrupted by a very cute kitten." To which Larissa replied saying, "Actually Entertained more than interrupted." While someone joked, "Lara what did your cat say when you went back home?" Tiger, the Cat, Steals the Thunder From UK’s Dean of Canterbury by ‘Paw-Dipping’ in Jug of Milk During Virtual Prayer Service.

Adorable Kitten During a Live Reporting!

Some appreciated her for letting the cat do what it wants to and not taking it away. In fact, all cat people on social media looked quite happy at how the cat could garner some limelight and Larissa let it be by itself. One comment reads, "The cutest thing i’ve seen today." Another reads, "This is adorable!!!! And as always Laryssa is both professional and funny!" While someone wrote, "Omg! What a sweet behind the scenes."

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