Chinese Boy Takes 'You Have to Sell Kidney to Buy iPhone Joke' Seriously! Now Bed-Ridden for Life
Man sells kidney for iPhone 4. (Photo Credit: WikiCommons and Pixabay)

I-phone and kidney jokes never end. With every new model Apple launches, people begin the "Will have to sell a kidney to buy I phone" jokes and why not, I phones are terribly expensive. However, whether the joke was about your own or your friend's kidney, we hadn't expected it to become a reality. Turns out it did long back when I phone 4 was launched. Around seven years ago when I phone 4 was launched, a 17-year-old Chinese student, desperate to buy himself an iPhone 4 ended up selling one of his kidneys. However, matters only became worse ever since. The boy gave in to what he called was the "popular trend in the school" to own any of the Apple products. And everyone wanted one for sure. Young Xiao Wang submitted to the peer pressure, however, could not afford one. He then at that young age planned to sell one of his own kidneys to purchase the Apple Product. World Kidney Day 2018: Funny Jokes on Kidneys and Kidney Stones Will Relieve You of Stress!

The Hospital that he contacted promised him an absolutely normal life after the removal of one of his kidneys, and according to reports by Chinese Daily, they offered him $3200(about Rs 223,300) which was just about enough for him to buy an I phone. Reports have it that the lack of sanitisation in the "illegal hospital" led to an infection caused by the procedure of kidney removal. Since he had kept all this as a secret from his parent, he was delayed proper treatment. However, by the time he received appropriate medical assistance, the infection has affected his other kidney as well, leaving him bedridden since then.

However, The illegal hospital that carried out the kidney removal procedure and also the arbitrator are facing trials. The family has reportedly received the monetary compensation as well. The boy had to pay a huge price to own one of the Apple Apple’s flagship product.