Climate Activists' in London Fail to Spray Fake Blood on UK Finance Ministry After They Lose Control of The Hose Pipe (Watch Viral Video)
Fake blood spray pipe loses control (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

Climate activists of Extinction Rebellion group had a plan to spray fake blood on the British Treasury building as a way of campaigning for climate change. But their measure failed as they were unable to control the hose pipe to spray the fake blood. The protest in London was organised to talk about the UK government's stance on dealing with the global problem of climate change. Video of the heavy pressure pipe hose losing control and painting everything red has emerged on social media and is going viral. Climate Change Protesters Strip Naked in UK Parliament to Draw Attention on 'Ecological Crisis', Arrested As Pictures Go Viral.

Extinction Rebellion is a prominent socio-political movement aimed to compel government action on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. The activists planned to spray fake blood on the finance ministry's building in London and some of the activists stood with a banner reading, "Stop funding climate death." But as soon as they unleashed the fake blood spray, they lost control due to the heavy pressure and the liquid spill all over. The video of the same was shared on Twitter and is going viral. Old Fake Photo Accusing Australian Global Climate Strike Protesters of Littering Hyde Park Goes Viral! Here's The Truth.

Check The Video Here:

A lot of netizens were not impressed with the idea several of them commenting on the mess they left behind. Check some of the reactions on Twitter.

Who Will Clean-Up?

Massive Mess!

No idea of Physics?

Make Them Clean Up Too

"The UK Treasury has blood on their hands," the group wrote in their Facebook post. About 1,800 litres of the water with red dye was mostly on the sidewalk of the street and very few on the actual building. The demonstrators were later led away by police officers. As per BBC report, three men and one woman were arrested for alleged criminal damage.