Decade Ender: From First I-Pad Launch and Ice-Bucket Challenge to Malaysian Airlines Jet Disappearing and The Dress, 21 Things You Won't BELIEVE Happened in the 2010s
21 Things You Won't BELIEVE Happened in the 2010s (Phpto Credits: Instagram and Wiki Commons)

If one had to sum up the 2010s, one can say that this was the decade where dab became a thing and so was flossing, and twerking. Vlogging became a full-time career option in the past decade and memes took over people's lives. No one saw it coming that people could make money via social media like Instagram and Facebook. People had more filters options and less person-to-person interaction! The decade has truly been full of surprises. We saw some changes even, socially. Various norms were broken. Inclusivity and diversity was at the peak and people are more woke than ever!

However, some things that happened in this past decade, you won't believe if we said it really did happen in the 2010s. Yes! Time flew so fast that it seems like it was only yesterday we were watching Pokemon on TV and not PLAYING Pokemon Go. Well, here are some of the important things that happened in the 2010s but are difficult to believe that they did:

  1. 2010 The first iPad came out. Yes, can you believe that the first iPad came out, in the 2010s
  2. Lady Gaga wore the "meat dress" in September 2010 to the VMAs, doesn't it seem like yesterday?
  3. Game Of Thrones Premiered in 2011! Winter was coming since 2011. George R. R. Martin's epic novels were turned into a big-budget HBO series.
  4. The Royal Wedding of Kate & William took place in 2011! Prince William wed his college love, Kate Middleton and the world was left mesmerised!
  5. The plank challenge happened in May 2011! People just laid down on their belly at weird locations and posted pictures.
  6. 2011 was the year when the Harry Potter series ended! JK Rowling's magical series turned into a pack of eight films starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint ended in the 2010s.
  7. "Gangnam Style" took over in the year 2011. It became the most-watched video ever and the whole world was doing the viral dance step on the tunes of South Korean musician Psy' song called "Gangnam Style."
  8. Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy at the VMAs in 2011! At the MTV Video Music Awards, the Lemonade singer showed off her belly on the red carpet while performing "Love on Top".
  9. "Call Me Maybe" became a rage in 2012. Everyone was humming the tune of the song.
  10. The world was coming to an end in December 2012 which evidently didn't happen!
  11. Emma Watson's "He For She" speech at the UN took over the world in 2014!
  12. Malaysia Airlines passenger jet disappeared mysteriously in March 2014. The 239 passengers and crew onboard never came back.
  13. The ice-bucket challenge became a thing in 2014. Facebook newsfeed was filled with videos of people dumping ice-cold water on themselves.
  14. A picture of a dress on Tumblr boggled people's mind in 2015. The debate about the colour of the dress was for real tho!
  15. 2016 saw the epic moment when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.
  16. The world went crazy playing Pokémon Go in 2016. People wandering around with their eyes on the phone screens, Pokemon Go happened.
  17. Everyone was obsessed with Fidget spinner in 2017.
  18. The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle made the world fall in love.
  19. We got the first-ever photo of a black hole in 2019. The first glimpse of the mysterious spectacle in the universe: the black hole.
  20. Marvel's first female-led superhero movie came out in 2019. Captain Marvel won hearts!
  21. I personally think this last one is the most important thing that happened to mankind in 2019- We MET BABY YODA! The Mandalorian gave us the best thing it possibly could in 2019.

Well, there are a lot of things that we haven't put on the list but they sure made the last decade what it looks like now. 2020 is almost here and while we wish you all the happiness in the world, let's pray that more of the happy things happen this year.