Dry Days and Bank Holidays in February 2019! Share These Funny Messages, Jokes and Memes of 29, 30 and 31st February
February 29 30 memes (Photo Credits: File Image)

2019 is not a leap year which means the month of February will have just 28 days. But most of us are so worked up and busy in our schedules that we seldom wonder what day and what month is ongoing. From the beginning of 2019, two months are already over and some people are just wondering how. And since we are used to a calendar month being of 30 or 31 days, we often forget or miscalculate due to just 28 days in February. So it is very common to see people forwarding fake messages like bank holidays, dry days, school holiday as jokes for 29, 30 and 31 February. The end of February comes with its set of jokes and memes which are commonly shared on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Most people enjoy just forwarding jokes and creating memes around the last day of February. If you too are looking for spreading some laughs and creating panic for those who are unaware, we give you a collection of funny jokes and messages which you could pass on. Oscars 2019 Funny Memes: From Aquaman Jason Mamoa’s Scrunchie to Billy Porter’s ‘Cinderella’ Outfit, Best Academy Award Jokes to LOL.

A leap year is a year which has 366 days. The extra day here is 29th February. And a leap year always comes after 4 years. This extra day occurs only in the years which are multiples of four (with the exception of centennial years not divisible by 400).  February 29 which is the leap year day is called as "leap day" or "bissextile day". The last leap year was the year of 2016. Well, instead of getting into more details, you can enjoy passing on these funny memes to people and cause a minor panic until they realise the fun!

February 29 messages (Photo Credits: File Image)
February 29 memes (Photo Credits: File Image)
February 29 30 memes (Photo Credits: File Image)
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End of February jokes and memes (Photo Credits: File Image)
February 29 and 30th meme (Photo Credits: File Image)

These are some very common messages that are shared towards the end of the month of February. So go on and spread these jokes among your friends and family. Don't forget to send across an explanation if someone is actually taking it seriously.