Easter Bunny to the Rescue! Rabbit ‘Vigilante’ Gallantly Hops In to Defend Woman in Orlando Street Fight (Watch Bizarre Viral Video)
Easter Bunny in Orlando to the Rescue (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

Easter Sunday for people in Orlando was absolutely fun. It was all about good old traditions, Easter eggs and indeed a little more about Easter Bunny. Dubbed as ‘crime-fighting Easter Bunny’ or a ‘vigilante’ in various media outlets, the man donning in white rabbit costume is now a viral sensation after a video of him gallantly hopping into a street fight was surfaced online. The bizarre brawl was captured with footage showing the fuzzy white rabbit, in defence of a woman throwing punch after punch on the man, all with a permanent smile fixed on the costume’s face. Gorilla Selfie Goes Viral After Endangered Apes from Virunga National Park, Congo Pose With Anti-Poaching Rangers. 

It is not clear as to what lead the Easter Bunny hop into the fight. However, according to media outlets, the brawl allegedly broke out after a man bumped into a woman and the two began to fight. The man who was dressed in the bunny costume, identified as Antoine McDonald reportedly confronted he had no choice but to come to the woman’s rescue after seeing her getting punched. The short clip was shared on Instagram by user Workfth, who captioned, “HAPPY EASTER, Only in #ORLANDO.” Witnesses on the background can be heard yelling, “Beat his a**, beat his a**! A Look Back at The Sermons Delivered by Pope Francis in The Past. 

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The video begins with a man and woman fighting on the sidewalk outside of an Orlando bar which is known as Underground Public House. Although, the woman can be seen clearly dominating her opponent, Easter Bunny hop into the fray, punching the man on the ground. The Easter Bunny can be seen first lifting the man before repeatedly hitting him on his back. The fight finally ends when a police officer and a man in a green shirt, who reportedly is an employee of the bar, arrive at the spot, to break up the fight.

The viral video leaves a lot of questions to the viewers. Out of all, the most significant was definitely the reason behind the man and woman getting into a fight. Witnesses reported that the man spit on the woman just before they began scuffling and the Easter Bunny rushed to her defence. Well, whatever the reason could be, it made McDonald, an instant social media hit and people in Orlando got their vigilante in an Easter Bunny suit. What more, could anyone ask for during Easter celebrations?