‘Flaunt Your Wealth’ Instagram Challenge Goes Viral in China! Rich People Going to Rags Again to Show Off
‘Flaunt Your Wealth’ Instagram Challenge (Photo Credits: luxury4nk/ classysavant/ Instagram)

Being born into privilege is a big deal. Rich people have every facility that many of us do not have, and we are happy for them. However, in today’s day, many loves to shove their cash in your face, so you know they have got money to burn. All of us have at least that one friend whose spending habits piss us off. Now if you were thinking, they are unbearable, the internet has got some more for you. A recent trend ‘flaunt your wealth’ is sweeping across Chinese social media platforms, and netizens cannot be more annoyed. Well, the viral trend on Instagram shows rich people going to rags, primarily to show off their possessions! Pushback, The Latest Instagram Trend Gives You The Perfect Figure and Flawless Pics In No Time. 

The whole idea is straightforward. Click a photo lying your face down on the ground surrounded by all your luxury goods. Reportedly, more than a million posts of people taking part in the ‘flaunt your wealth’ challenge have appeared on Weibo, China’s popular social media platform. Participants pose as if they have just fallen out of their luxury cars with accompanying hashtags on their post including, #fallinstars and #fallingstars2018. The Bustie Pose Is the Latest Sexy Instagram Trend. 

Falling off in style with expensive belongings!

When showing off your possessions wasn't just enough!

According to The Telegraph, the new craze was initiated by Chinese social media influencers to show off their riches. Media outlets further state the challenge is a result of the increasing rise in wealth of the Chinese middle class. As the wealthy citizens are having their share of fun, less wealthy citizens have put their own humorous spin on! They have uploaded images showing them surrounded by everyday items like snacks or stacks or documents; posing their face down. Instagram Bear Stepan Poses With Beautiful Women! Viral Pictures Are Un-Bear-Bly Cute. 

The real show-off business.


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Reports further suggest that the Chinese millennials are growing rich every day and so they love to invest in high-end goods. Hence, they are equally eager to show it all off, and the viral trend seems accurate for it. The ‘flaunt your wealth’ challenge is not just restricted to China. With the time, the hashtag has become popular in other countries like Indonesia, Turkey and Russia. The trend, #fallingstars began in July when a Russian DJ posted a photo of himself online pretending to fall from a private jet on to a runaway.