Florida Boy Knocked Off From Surfboard by Blacktip shark at New Smyrna Beach (Watch Video)
Boy gets knocked over by shark (Photo Credits: Inside Edition YouTube)

Video of a seven-year-old Florida boy being knocked over by a shark while surfing has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip which is being shared widely on social media platforms shows the boy falling into the water immediately after starting to surf. A blacktip shark pushed the boy off the board at the New Smyrna Beach in Florida. The incident took place over the Thanksgiving weekend when Chandler Moore and went surfing with his father, Chad. Chandler did not know what had pushed him into the water until he saw the GoPro camera footage. Narrow Escape For Boy After Great White Shark Leaps Out of Water at Cape Cod Bay, Almost Bites Him (Watch Video)

They had attached a camera to the surfboard to record Chandler's surfing which helped them in identifying the culprit,  whale! Chad told New York Post that his son has been surfing since he was four years old but it was the first time he was directly hit by a shark. This is not one of the rare incidents to happen to a surfer, but Also, New Smyrna Beach knows for being the shark capital. The beach has recorded the highest number of shark attacks in the world.

Florida Boy Gets Knocked Over by Shark While Surfing:

Earlier this year, a Great White Shark had leapt out of the water at a little boy at Cape Cod Bay. The incident took place three miles west of Great Island in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Sharks have at multiple occasions attacked tourists and surfers alike and it is advisable to stay away from waters which have these dangerous marine creatures.