A genius once said, “Vada Pav is not just food, it’s a way of life.” Quite obviously, the person knew how delicious and so famous this Indian street food is. No Mumbaikar can resist a good old spicy vada pav. For a city known for its fast-paced life, it comes as no surprise that the favourite snack is a grab-and-go dish! The recipe may appear simple, but it requires a special skill to make a delicious vada pav. And sometimes, the vendor may choose to toss it up in the air before serving it. A video is going viral from a Mumbai eatery, called “Raghu Dosa Wala,” after the vendor’s unique way to make the delicious street food—it’s a flying vada pav! Yes, you read that right. The video capturing this one-of-its-kind style way to cook vada pav has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens impressed!

Recently, a video of flying dosa went significantly viral on the internet. And now it’s flying vada pav! The popular street food is from Mumbai’s Bora Bazar Street, a 60-year-old food stall named “Raghu Dosa Wala.” As the name suggests, the eatery serves various other snacks, like dosa, idli vada, but its cheese and masala vada pav is always high in demand. What makes his eatery so unique is the way he makes the food. Chocolate Fudge Samosa Served in Pav With Chocolate Sauce Has Unimpressed Netizens. 

Raghu flies the vadas in the air from his spatula and catches them with the other hand. The video posted on YouTube by channel, ‘Aamchi Mumbai,’ shows how the vadas are being flung high and then stuffed inside buttery, spicy pav's and loaded with veggies such as onion, capsicum, beetroot and cabbage along with cheese and a whole lot of masalas. The snack is just for Rs 15!

Watch Video of Flying Vada Pav

Isn’t it amazing? Who would have imagined that vada pav, which has always been synonymous with Mumbai, can be made in such a unique and fun way too! He does it so quickly; onlookers might just miss if they blink.

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