French Audiences to Go Nude to Watch The Play 'Nu et approuve', First Nudist Drama to Take Place in Paris
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

France has been known for a lot of naturist activities. And its coming to the theatres too. Audiences who might want to catch up on a new play named Nu et approuve will have to strip off their clothes to watch it. The name translates to Nude and Approved, and the audiences wanting to watch it, will literally have to give their approval for being nude. The play will be showcased at the Palais des Glaces on January 20. No More Eating Naked! First Nudist Restaurant From Paris to Close its Doors in February.

Nu et approuve is a story of a brother and sister who find themselves on opposite sides of prickly social issues. In order to find common ground, they have to shed off all mask and inhibitions and get naked. This play will be the first naturist representation in Parisian theatre. Nu et approuve is said to be a commonly used formula in France for a signing of official documents. It is a 1 hour 15 minutes play which the spectators have to watch without any clothes. Everyone will have to get their own towel. The VIPs will be provided with their own microfibre seat covering. Nudist Couple Posts Racy Naked but Not XXX Photos to Promote Naturism! See Photos That Explain More About the Unique Lifestyle.

This piece of drama has been supported by the French Federation of Naturism and the Association of Naturists of Paris. There are a lot of people following the naturist lifestyle in France and they are working to make their way of living more mainstream. There are a lot of places which advocate naturist way of life. There are naked comedy nights, museum visits, restaurants and tourist spots. Paris also has a nudist zone in its biggest park. Nu et approuve will be the first nudist drama taking place here.