French 'Spider-Man' Alain Robert Arrested After Climbing 47-Storey Building at 721-Feet Height in Manila
French spiderman climbing the 712ft GT International Tower Makati, Manilla | (Photo Credits: Twitter/ Screenshot)

Alain Robert, also known as the 'French Spider-Man', added another feather in his already studded cap, by scaling the 47-storey glass structure in Philippines capital city, Manila. Robert scaled the 712ft GT International Tower Makati, Manila on January 29, 2019. However, the French 'Spider-Man' was also confronted by the police for his daring adventure and reports say he has been arrested for breaking city law. Spider Man: Mamoudou Gassama Who Saved Child to Get French Citizenship by French President Emmanuel Macron.

He achieved this feat with his bare hands which explain the reason behind him being called the French 'Spider-Man'.

He has to his name the record of climbing Dubai's 2,717ft (828m) Burj Khalifa, the world's largest building. The Eiffel tower has also been scaled by the 'french spider'.

The climber, who holds several records, had quite an audience to cheer him for his daring act.

Robert is 56-year-old and defies age by his the stunning acts of climbing buildings without any external help. There is no rope and no safety equipments to help him do what he does.

The Daily Mail reported that physicality also plays a vital role in Robert managing to scale the tall buildings in spider-man style.

He is 5ft 5 inches tall and weighs just 50 kgs. "Low-fat ratio of bones to muscle", is a very big reason behind his agility and climbing skills. He uses chalks as it helps his grip and wears thin gloves so as to protect his fingers from getting bruises and cut marks.