Fuljar Soda Wins Malayalee Hearts, Kerala's Latest Trendy Drink Is Fizzing on the Internet (Watch Viral Videos)
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After Kulukki Sarbath, a new drink has taken over the streets of Kerala and social media is flooded with pictures and videos of people trying it. Fuljar soda is a hit on TikTok and YouTube accounts of Malayalees with most of them flaunting the new drink. Ask where the name fuljar soda came from and nobody knows, probably inspiration comes from the fact it is a jar full of soda. It arrived in Kerala as a Ramzan special beverage and quickly garnered fame. While Eid has gone by, fuljar soda continues to be sold in large numbers across the length of Kerala. Fruit Juice Can Shorten Your Life; Study Says Packaged ‘Natural’ Drinks Causes Early Death.

More than the beverage, the method to drink seems to have impressed people even more. Fuljar soda is like the German Jaegrbomb where a shot glass of coloured drink is dropped into a glass of soda. As the fizz starts pouring out, it is immediately gulped. Fuljar soda is full of the desi ingredients and tastes everything between sweet, sour and spicy. Aam Panna Recipe: Health Benefits of the Indian Summer Cooler 'Kairi Ka Panna' and Easy Way to Prepare It at Home.

Here's fuljar soda!


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Fuljar soda recipe:

It is not a liquor-based drink and its rising popularity has made it available everywhere from juice shops, kiosks and restaurants in the southern state. It is made mixing mint leaves, ginger, super syrup, lemon, poppy seeds, chilly paste and a pinch of salt. This coloured mixture is poured in a shot glass and is dropped into a glass full of soda. It comes in various fruit-based flavours including watermelon, orange, grape, strawberry and pineapple. Central Railway Bans Lemon Juice and Sale of Other Syrup-Based Juices at Railway Stations.

Here's how you drink it!


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Watch the video below:


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Depending on one's choice, the taste of the drink is changed. Neem leaves, honey, cinnamon are also added to the drink depending on one's likes. While the drink rose to popularity in no time, with Nipah scare, the sale went down a bit. Fuljar soda also faced the wrath of city corporation authorities with quality checks being conducted in hotels serving the drink. During surprise raids in places like Kozhikode beach, the civic body found out that it was made unhygienically. Bad quality of ingredients, ice cubes, contaminated water which were seized during the raid and destroyed.