Tweeple are way too active on social media recently and there is no stopping. During a pandemic, whenever you feel a little blue and looking for some laughs, visit Twitter as the timeline will sure be filled with some hilarious memes and jokes aside from what is happening across the world. After the bizarre ‘Binod’ meme trend, netizens began tweeting gorgeous cropped selfies of themselves with hashtag, #HalfFaceTwitter. Why? No reason! It is just another viral trend that people are now obsessed with. Posting half your face is the latest trend on social media, and it is gaining quite the traction, while others counter with funny memes and jokes, and they are hilarious AF! Latest Meme Templates For Free Download: From Hera Pheri Dialogues to Coffin Dance Video, These Meme Formats Will Help You Make Funny Jokes. 

Social media is a great place to be in right now. Almost every day, netizens are coming up with trends that are, at times, funny or engaging enough to entertain everyone. It is a nice break amidst the horrible updates that we keep getting from across the world, including the pandemic. So, what is #HalfFaceTwitter and how can you participate? The viral hashtag, ‘Half Face Twitter,’ requires the individual to post a selfie of themselves or any other being with just half the face visible. And if you are not willing to pose for a half-faced selfie, well the memes are here to counter. #SareeTwitter Trends All Over Again: Women Are Sharing Their Glamourous Pics in Saree Showing Off Their Desi Looks. 

Who started #HalfFaceTwitter? It is not known as of yet, but netizens believe that Batman’s supervillain, Harvey Dent could be the pioneer. In this article, we bring you pictures, viral memes and jokes from social media as #HalfFaceTwitter goes viral.

Ready for #HalfFaceTwitter?

I Guess So!

And That's Purrfect

Half Face Twitter

More Cropped Selfie

Why Not!

Harvey Dent From Batman!



Did you participate in this latest trend yet? If not, you must do it now, as it is super fun to be engaged with so many trends going viral on social media, because why not! As #HalfFaceTwitter is going viral, we wonder what could be the next trend to catch netizens’ attention!

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