Halloween 2018 Costumes: This Dress on Ghosting is a Hit on Social Media!
The 'ghosted' Halloween costume (Photo credits: Party City)

The day of Halloween is nearly just a month away and the fretting over what costumes to wear would begin. Deciding upon a Halloween costume is no mean task. It has to be spooky and comfortable at the same time. But one of the greatest fears has now been converted into a Halloween costume. 'Ghosting', a phase of breaking off a relationship is now seen on a Halloween costume by Party City. The pictures of this woman's costume are being shared widely online and women are sharing the sentiment of being 'ghosted.' ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Halloween Costume Causes Outrage on Social Media, Website Removes it From Their Site. 

Ghosting is an urban term for defining breaking off a relationship without any intimation or reason. It also includes ignoring all forms of contact from the partner. Considering the popularity of this term, a Halloween party costume has been designed which shows a one-sided conversation about a meeting plan and no reply whatsoever.

Take a look at the 'Ghosted' Halloween Costume:

Soon after the image was shared on social media, several women shared the sentiment of being ghosted and laughed at the costume design, its stark reality of their life.

Take a look at how women reacted to the costume:

Ghosted culture

An example of being ghosted

It is not just the girls, men want it too!

So people on social media are completely relating to the idea and that definitely works with the makers. With so many of them wanting to buy it already, this costume is a hit. Have you decided on your Halloween costume yet?