Google is filled with searches on ‘how to kiss’ and zillion links providing a kissing manual. Now, there’s one YouTube video that is also giving gyan aka imparting knowledge on how one should kiss their partner on lips but will soon realise that you should have given it a skip. A viral video doing the rounds on social media and WhatsApp is that of a Bhojpuri director (some Karnjeet Yadav) showing its lead actors to kiss on camera. Now, this video is such a laugh riot that you cannot help sharing it with your friends and having a long due conversation about how funny and sleazy Bhojpuri films have been. Monalisa-Aditya Narayan’s HOT Kiss OR Bhojpuri Actress’ Cleavage Show in a White Saree! Antara Biswas Turns Up the Heat in These Videos.

When we first came across this video, it did not appear worthy of our time (yes, I’m a self-proclaimed busy bee). However, two seconds into the footage, and I realised – it’s pure gold. Yes, I struck gold with this behind-the-scenes footage of what looks like a forgettable venture from the Bhojpuri cinema, notoriously famous for its sleazy content. So, what is this video all about and why should it waste your valuable time just like it did ours without any guilt. Because it’s the baap of all viral content, you come across the internet! This Australian Man Is Not Bihari! Viral Video of Foreigner Speaking Bhojpuri Hindi Can Give Ravi Kishan & Manoj Tiwari a Combined Run for Their Money.

Titled ‘Kaise kiss hota h samjha rahe film director karnjeet Yadav (director Karnjeet Yadav explaining how to kiss)’, this video has the director aka kissing expert showing its male protagonist how to kiss the leading lady. Before we move to the demo, a word on the heroine of this film purportedly named ‘Hum Diwane Pyar Ke’ as mentioned by the YouTube channel that has uploaded this video. The lady, unfortunately, is no more than a prop. No, I am not talking about it metaphorically, but literally, she is moved around, twisted, as if she is no living being but a set prop the director is using to kiss as well as teach its mentee, the actor.

Watch Bhojpuri Director Teach 'How to Kiss'!

Coming back to the director giving some serious gyan on ‘how to kiss,’ there are some serious gems in the form of oneliners like ‘camera ki nazar se dekhiye (see from camera’s POV)’ and ‘humne kaise kiya tha.’ After seeing the level of dedication this man has about getting the best from his actors, it is bound to put even the likes of Rajkumar Hirani, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali scratch their heads in disbelief.

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