'How Was Your 2019' Has Twitterati Sharing Funny Memes, Videos and Pictures to Describe Their Year
How was your 2019 meme reactions (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The year of 2020 is barely two weeks away and are you feeling that the time's going too fast? It is the time for not just an year end but the end of a decade! Every New Year's Eve, most of us make resolutions, decisions and hope that this is going to be our year! But few months into the new year, we all falter in some way or the other. But worry not, as you are not the only one. The daunting question of "How was your 2019" has started surfacing online and people have some of the funniest reactions. Some of them are sharing the "fail videos" while others have resorted to meme references or silly pictures. Winter Memes and Jokes: From ‘No Bathing’ to ‘Winter Fashion’ LOL to These Funny Memes As the Weather Turns Chilly.

2019 is coming to an end really soon and for most of us who are entangled in daily routines of college and work, time does seem to be flying. Months pass by and soon it is time to welcome the new decade! So towards the end of each year, we all look back at the things we have achieved, the changes we've encountered, the good and the bad in the 12 months of the calendar year. So the question of "how was your 2019" is casually thrown around in discussions among friends or family. Now the same has been posed on social media and the answers are hilarious. From funny memes to goof up videos, netizens are describing the year gone by with GIFs, silly images and pictures. Disappointed Parents Funny Memes Take Over Twitter As Career-Shaming Meets Classic Dad Joke!

Check Some Funny Reactions to "How Was Your 2019":

Tough Surival

Trying Not to Fall


Went in Crying

Crying Some More

Summing Up!


It Was Difficult, Can You Tell?

So not many of them have had a great year and the funny videos are among the best reactions! Every few days we have new meme formats and jokes emerging on Twitter and with the New Year's Eve close by, we expect to see more such memes on 2019 gone by and the arrival of 2020.