Indians Participate in #9PM9Minute Initiative by PM Modi, View Pics and Videos of #DiyaJalao Campaign; While Some COVIDIOTS Resort to Crackers and Fireworks
9 baje 9 minute pictures (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Indians responded positively to PM Narendra Modi's appeal to switch off all lights, and light candles, diyas, mobile flash or torch for 9 minutes on April 5, as a mark of solidarity against fighting the darkness caused by Coronavirus pandemic. People of the nation stayed true to his appeal by switching off lights and lighting candles, diyas and mobile torches in different states. However, some covidiots went on to burst crackers too! Pictures and videos also have people burning firecrackers in their colonies. #9pm9minute started trending on social media. Soon after the PM made the announcement via a video message on Friday, people had already expressed their excitement to be a part of this initiative. Hashtags like #DiyaJalaoBharatJodo, #9Baje9Minute have been trending since this morning. On Friday, April 3, Narendra Modi in his video message said, "On April 5th, we have to do a Jagran of the power of 130 crore people of India. On April 5, At 9 pm, I want 9 minutes from all of you. Switch off all your lights. Stand at your door or balcony, light a candle, diya, torch or mobile flashlight for 9 minutes," The coronavirus cases in India are on a rise and at the moment there are 3,200 patients with over 80 deaths. On the day of Janata Curfew, Modi had asked citizens to play utensils and clap for the essential service workers who are braving the fight against the COVID 19. People enthusiastically participated that time too and the same excitement was seen even today. Pictures and videos from residential colonies in different parts of India participating in the #9PM9minute campaign are being shared online.

Check Some Pics and Videos of #9PM9Minute Campaign:

A Line of Diyas

Bringing in Positivity

Prayers for the Planet

Praying for Health and Wellness

Covidiots Burning Crackers

Cracker bursting in colonies

Utter Nonsense!

The above pictures and videos show the spirit of unity among all citizens who have stood up for solidarity against everyone braving the tough fight. PM Modi had called it a way of taking the most affected people from darkness to light. Currently, a countrywide lockdown has been imposed for 21 days until April 14. The number of cases is rising steadily, so staying at home is the best resort to be safe from the deadly flu.