Christmas 2018 Trends: Beard Lights For Men Brightens Up The Holiday Season
Beard Lights (Photo Credits:

Christmas may be a month away but the festive spirit has already caught up. An Instagram trend that created waves some years ago has made its way again into men's festive look. Fairy lights making a man's beard look surreal has gone viral many-a-times in the past. Infact, these colourful lights were a rage during the Movember season in the past years. As a lot of people seemed to have liked the look, a company named Firebox has come up with lights that can actually be placed in a man's beard.

And with this, men with facial hair can stand out this festive season. And women, this could also be a little secret Christmas present or a stocking-filling for the men you know. Firebox took to Facebook saying, "Not enough room in your living space for a tree? Make your face fuzz festive instead and bring Christmas with you wherever you go!" However, not everyone looks happy with the festival trend. Some took to Twitter saying that the festive accessory was a trend nobody asked for. Want to Look HOT this X-Mas? Christmas Nipple Wreaths Are the Latest Addition in Bizarre Festive Accessories (See Pics)

Check out Beard Lights here:

The little bulbs are a set of 18 multi-coloured nano LED lights on a 90 cm cable that can be effortlessly clipped on your beard. Each of these lights flashes a different colour each time, maybe reminding you of Christmas tree itself. Firebox started the sale of these lights grabbing eyeballs on social media.

The company advises that the lights should be worn on a wet beard, we guess for better hold. Also, if the weather forecasts rain, then you may like to carry an umbrella to protect these lights. The Beard Lights costs Rs 1000 and can be bought here. With the festive spirits riding high, the beard lights have gone out of stock. The company updated their Facebook page saying that it is expected to be back on shelves by November 30.