K-Pop Fan Oli London Spent USD 250,000 to Look Like BTS' Idol Jimin, Releases Video of Song 'Perfection'
Oli London undergoes surgery to look like k-pop (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

A die-hard fan of K-pop idol Jimin, a BTS group fan spent USD 250,000 to look like him. Oli London from the UK underwent cosmetic surgery costing a bomb to resemble his idol from the BTS group of the genre. BTS is among the most famous K-pop bands in the world with a fan base that resides in almost every part of the globe. And Oli London clearly lives up to all the crazy fandom and has also released a song dedicated to Jimin called Perfection. Woman Spends Over Rs 3 Million on Plastic Surgery After Being Called Ugly, Turns Into Raunchy Social Media Superstar.

Oli went under the knife because he wanted to resemble his favourite and has eventually turned into a K-pop star himself. He made an official music video which defines Jimin as Perfection! In the song lyrics, he describes Jimin as flawless and more than pretty. Talking about the song video he was quoted to a news report, "The song is all about perfection and for me, Jimin is the very definition of perfection. Everything about him is perfect, from his beautiful voice to his face and his incredible dance moves. So my song pays homage to Jimin and the music video has been inspired by BTS." Ivanka Trump Lookalike! Woman Spent 20,000 Pounds on Surgery to Look Like US President's Daughter.

Watch Video of Song Perfection Dedicated to K-pop Singer Jimin

He also considers all the K-pop fans around the world and how they look at their own perfection. But to look like Jimin he had four rhinoplasties, a blepharoplasty to change his eyelids, a jawline surgery, an incision inside his mouth. He also shaved his bones to give them a structure like his idol. He had a silicone chin implant and transferred the fat to his cheeks. And that's not all, he wants to even transform his voice like Jimin's. He has several other surgeries lined up in the future which include cutting incisions around his eyes.