Woman Spends Over Rs 3 Million on Plastic Surgery After Being Called Ugly, Turns Into Raunchy Social Media Superstar
Celine Centino post her plastic surgeries (Photo credits: Instagram)

Being bullied in the teen ages is not too rare. A woman chose to deal with her bullying years later with a plastic surgery that transformed her into an altogether different person. Celine Centino from Zurich, Switzerland went on for a major cosmetic surgery which included three breast enhancements. The major procedures took her to size 34 FF and cost her about £38,000 (approximately over 3 million). Now she has men going crazy over her appearance and turned her into a social media star. Woman Saves Her Botched Nose After Plastic Surgery of 13 Lakhs With The Help of Leeches. 

According to Celine she was a severe target of bullying and tagged as "ugly." It affected her so much back then that she used to avoid going to classes just so she could avoid the bullies. She started saving up money from her hairdresser job and invested them all in going under the knife, after which she is finally acceptable of her own skin. Woman Spent 20,000 Pounds on Surgery to Look Like US President's Daughter Ivanka Trump.

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Celine started her surgeries from the year 2013 and along with three breast augmentations, she got a nose job, cheek job, lips and chin fillers. Her bust was enhanced from 34A to a 34FF, and it has helped Celine boost her confidence. On Instagram, Celine has 43,000 followers and random commenters appreciating her looks. "I wanted to be happy again, so I changed my look and everything I didn't like about myself. We live in a time when we can change something if we like it, so I took this chance," she was quoted to the Daily Mail. She was taunted over her smaller boobs and also called being a guy. She was only called as the "ugly Celine."

She decided to enhance herself and go under the knife. Today she is very confident about her looks. "Now I feel so good about myself and I'm finally happy again that I can live the life I always wanted. Also, it makes me feel stronger than I was before. If someone says anything bad about me, I don't care. Nobody can hurt me anymore," she says. Celine has undergone a massive transformation and no wonder people are loving it!