'Kaali Dal' Trends After Twitter Recalls Reham Khan's Cringeworthy Memory of Imran Khan Covered in Black Lentils
Imran Khan (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Kaali dal or black urad ingredient of makhni which is part of both Indian and Pakistani cuisine, trended widely on social media after Twitter recalled a cringe-worthy memory shared by Reham Khan in her book about Imran Khan. The former BBC journalist's claim, though taken with a pinch of salt by critics in Islamabad, may end up making you avoid kaali dal for a long time to come.

In her book titled Reham Khan (2018), Imran Khan's second wife had shared an incident involving the then Pakistan PM-in-waiting, claiming that one night she found her lying naked on the bed, covered with black lentils on his entire body including the genitals. Imran Khan's Aide Asks Overseas Pakistanis to Protest on August 15 Outside Indian Consulate

The daal laden bed sheet was then taken away in front of Khan by his domestic help Anwar Zeb, Reham claimed. The practice, she said, was adopted by Khan to cure himself of "black magic".

Here's How The Kaali Dal Incident Came Back to Trend:

"I am sorry but I see an image of this guy and I see an image of this guy rubbing dal makhni all over his body with both hands. This jackass ruined dal makhni for me. Forever," said Ranganathan, editor of online magazine Swarajya.

Here's How Twitterati Furthered The Trend:

Spoiled Kaali Daal for Some:

The reaction came in response to Imran Khan's tweet in which he compared the government headed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to late former German dictator Adolf Hitler. The Pakistani PM further called upon the international community to intervene in the Kashmir issue.