'KiKi Do You Love Me' Gets a Baba Sehgal Twist! Watch The Desi Version Video
Baba Sehgal made his version of Drake's song (Photo credits: Video grab)

There are those songs which remain stuck in your head and then get annoying. If there is one song that is currently lingering among everyone then it is Drake's In My Feelings. All thanks to the Kiki Challenge that started on social media, everyone is singing 'Kiki Do You Love Me?' From youngsters, elders to even farmers, the Kiki Challenge has gripped the nation. Meanwhile, the police too are on their toes to maintain the safety. Amidst all the viral videos of the challenge, Drake's song has got an Indian twist with rapper Baba Sehgal spinning his own version of the song. Forget Kiki and Momo Challenge, Here are 5 Positive Social Media Challenges You Should Actually Take Up 

Baba Sehgal who has made some of the weirdest and funniest songs too jumped in the Kiki challenge but made his own song. Needless to say, the lyrics are senseless and go somewhat 'Kiki tune chai kyun pilayi phiki...'

Check out the video of Baba Sehgal's Kiki cover in Hindi:

Sehgal's repute is such that people will slam him but also enjoy his songs. The video has got over 1.3 lakh views and 600 shares. Meanwhile, people have also commented that Baba Sehgal is jobless but Baba was witty with his replies to the comments that criticised his video. On asking who funded the video, Baba replied, "God."

The Kiki challenge has got so viral that it created an uproar even causing some accidents. Police department from different states issued strict warnings for people undertaking the challenge. What do you think about Baba Sehgal's version of Drake's challenge? Like it or not?