Kukur Tihar 2019: Twitterati Share Pictures of Nepalese Festival Dedicated For Dogs; See Pictures
Dogs being worshipped during Kukur Tihar celebrations in Nepal (Photo Credits: @Shuezio, @anandbhansali1 Twitter)

Kukur Tihar, a festival dedicated to dogs was observed today in Nepal. As crows and dogs are considered sacred in Nepali culture, they dedicate a day to worship them. Dogs are adorned with flower garlands and are fed their favourite delicacies. A ceremonial puja is conducted and a tilak is applied on their forehead. Locals celebrate Kukur Tihar treating their pets and stray alike on the day. The observance is referred to as the 'Day of the Dogs' and is largely observed in Nepal. Also known as Yamapanchak, it coincides with Diwali celebration in India. On Kukur Tihar 2019, people have taken to Twitter sharing pictures of celebrations with their canines. Adorable photos of dogs celebrating Kukur Tihar have flooded social media platforms. Kukur Tihar 2019: Date And Significance of Nepal's Dog Festival During Diwali Celebrations.

The observance is said to have originated from the fact that dogs have references in Hindu mythology. Yamraj, the God of death has two watchdogs who guard the gates of hell. It is believed that by dedicating a day for the dogs, they will be able to please Yamraj. According to Hindu scriptures, Yudhistira who shared a strong bond with the dog refused to enter heaven without the canine. According to the sacred scripture of Rigveda, Samsara, the mother of dogs, helped Indra in recovering his stolen cattle. Kukur Tihar 2019 Photos: Check Adorable Pictures of 'Day of The Dogs' Celebrated in Nepal.

Twitterati Share Pictures of Their Kukur Tihar Celebrations With Their Dogs:

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Happy Kukur Tihar!

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People of Nepal worship other animals and birds too. Crow is worshipped on the first day of celebrations while on the morning of the third day, cows are worshipped. People worship oxen and mountains on the fourth day of Tihar. However, Kukur Tihar has gained immense popularity in the past years while Mexico celebrating the day in 2016.