It wouldn't be wrong if we say, the world is going through a lot this year. While it faces the coronavirus pandemic, the weather changes are also severe, if not less. Dramatic footage from Norway has captured a huge landslide which washed away an entire portion of the village of Alta into the sea. Heavy rains resulted in the crack of land and the force of sea waves, washed almost 8 homes into the sea. The shocking footage looks like a scene out of a fictional apocalypse movie, until it's not, but very much real of what happened in Alta, Northern Norway on Wednesday, June 3. The video is going viral and people cannot help but related to all that's going wrong in 2020. World's Largest Free-flying American Flag Gets Torn in Half Following a Thunderstorm in Wisconsin, Netizens Call it Symbolic of Current Times.

Buildings and farmhouses swept into the sea with a huge mudslide in Norway following heavy rains. As reported in Forbes, the landslide of more than 2,000 feet wide and 500 feet high occurred on the western side of Kråkneset. While there were no deaths, a dog named Raya also swept in and has been rescued. A rescue operation was immediately launched to evacuate and access damage by air and sea. Resident Jan Egil Bakkeby was lucky enough to evacuate from his home and reach a hill. He filmed the shocking scene of the land sweeping into the water. The video was shared on Twitter and it has shocked everyone. Coming to the point of how the year 2020 is turning out, the video has garnered more such reactions.

Check The Viral Video Here:

The video has got close to 2.5 million views and the footage has terrified netizens. Check some of the reactions.

Mother Earth Taking Away Her Land

Wants Out of 2020

Earth Wants to Get Away of 2020

That One Comment Has to Be There


2020 Doing a 2012

Just 2020 Things

A dog that was stuck managed to swim back to the shore. Video of the pooch has also been shared online and people are loving it.

Watch Video of the Dog:

Many of the buildings that swept away were holiday homes. As per local media smaller landslides had occurred hours before the major incident. Officials have searched the region and do not believe that anyone else is missing from the disaster. Thankfully, there have been no loss of life but a huge loss of property.

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