Lucky Ali’s Cryptic Chemotherapy Tweet Leads Twitterati to Believe That the Singer Has Cancer; ‘Luckily’ He’s Alright!
Lucky Ali's cryptic tweet about chemotherapy got Tweeple jump into conclusions real soon. (Photo Credit: File Photo)

Our favourite singer from the 90s, Lucky Ali has given us amazing songs to remember for life. Today he has suddenly popped into the headlines regarding a cryptic tweet he made today. He tweeted out something that has confused the whole internet and has left Tweeple to wonder what does he exactly mean by his tweet. He tweeted: 'Dear Chemo therapy you should not be an option..ever... '

People haven't even gotten over Sonali Bendre's news that Sonali Is Diagnosed with High-Grade Cancer and Fans Pour in Prayers for Actress’ Speedy Health Recovery on Twitter and now people are jumping into conclusions after reading Lucky Ali's tweet as well. 2018 has already not been a great year in terms of celebrity health. Sonali Bendre Says Her Cancer Has Metastasised: What Does A High-Grade Metastatic Cancer Mean?

Take a look at Lucky Ali's Tweet:

Take a look at the reactions the tweet is receiving from fans:

Clearly, people are not taking a single minute to think before replying to the tweet. However, a famous RJ who goes by the twitter handle @OYERJALOK clarified in his tweet that Lucky Ali is absolutely fine. He tweeted : 'PLEASE NOTE LUCKY ALI SAAHAB IS PERFECTLY FINE,His tweet was just Concern about the solution for cancer. (As per close sources) PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD OR BELIEVE ON RUMORS.'

Here's the tweet:

It is high time that people stop speculating stuff to spread rumours about it especially when it comes to sensitive topic like this one. However, we absolutely happy that Lucky Ali is fine and wish him a healthy life. Let us know what are your thoughts about people jumping into conclusion and spreading rumours.