We are all at our respective homes now, maintaining the protocol to contain the spread of coronavirus. But the lockdown boredom is real! People are spending way too much time in their phones, scrolling to social media for keeping themselves entertained. Again, families are getting much time than usual, so they are spending the lockdown by playing board games or cooking, among others. But to one couple in Uttar Pradesh, the board game, Ludo took a hilarious turn! According to the latest report, the wife accused the husband of cheating during the board game, and the matter reached the local police station. Yes, as much bizarre it sounds, it happened for real! Playing Ludo During Quarantine? These Funny Memes and Jokes Perfectly Describe Every Player Who Has Played This Popular Game EVER!

According to media reports, the couple is from Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. They got married about five months ago. The husband is a farmer. But since lockdown, he has been at home spending time with his wife. The pair were playing ludo, yesterday evening (April 10, 2020) to pass their time. The wife accused the husband of cheating and dishonesty during the board game. The quarrel went too intense, so much that she reportedly called the police and complained. Both reached to Merapur police station. The cops made the pair understand and sent them home. Not much information about the incident is immediately available.

Ludo is very close to the people in India, and every time we play it, the board game makes us nostalgic. There are many memories attached to it, and this lockdown allows us to take out the ludo board and relive the childhood moments. But do not take the ludo fight too seriously. It is a game, after all!

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