MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok With Highest Glass Skywalk Not for Faint-Hearted! See Pics of Fearless Visitors
Tourists at King Power MahaNakhon (Photo Credits: Instagram)

‘Vertigo’ is not a word in these tourists’ dictionary visiting Thailand’s famous building, King Power MahaNakhon. Located at the heart of Bangkok, the world-class attraction is country’s tallest completed building offering a first glass skywalk at 314 metres. After much delays, they unveiled the observation deck and rooftop bar offering 360-degree views of the city. Thailand, known to be one of the favourite tourist destinations have added an attractive must-visit spot – the terrifying glass floor protruding out over the edge of the mixed-use skyscraper. It is definitely not for faint-hearted, but for other fearless visitors, it brings an adrenaline rush. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew Temple in Thailand is Made Up of Beer Bottles, View Pics.

King Power Mahanakhon announced the opening of Mahanakhon SkyWalk, that offers astounding panoramic views of the city from Thailand's tallest building. It is located on the 74th, 75th and 78th floor with the outdoor observation deck including one of the world’s most massive glass trays. Visitors who are going all out to have the chilling experience on top of glass-bottom skywalk are made to wear a pair protective fabric booties over their shoes. Thai Paradise Koh Tao Becomes 'Death Island' After Rising Cases of Rapes, Murders and Disappearances of Tourists.

The billion dollar-building has several exciting features to talk about such as ascending 74 floors in 50 seconds, flat! And these supernova-speed elevators have fast-paced Bangkok videos playing on all four walls. Apart from the glass skywalk and speedy lifts, the rooftop bar, Thailand’s highest is the place to be. Check out pics of MahaNakhon SkyWalk shared by lucky and daredevil tourists.

Daredevil Family is All Smiles at King Power MahaNakhon Glass Skywalk


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On Top of The World


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The Best View in Thailand


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At Peace on Top of MahaNakhon Tower


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Oh My God, That's One Scary View!


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On their official website, the information reads: "King Power Mahanakhon is recognized as one of Thailand’s tallest buildings, at 314 meters. From the Mahanakhon SkyWalk, the view of Bangkok below is spectacular and intriguing, whether day or night. Watching the BTS Skytrain as it snakes through the city like a miniature toy train, with the long lines of glowing car headlights in the evening traffic like so many pulsing arteries, you realize that you stand atop the very heart of the tremendous center of life and activity which is Bangkok."