Man Masturbates While Driving His Car, Video Goes Viral
driving/Photo Credits: Unsplash

In a shocking incident, a shirtless driver was seen masturbating while driving on a highway. The video taken on mobile camera shows the man touching himself while in the driver's seat. The incident was captured on a road in Western Australia. The shirtless video of the man has now gone viral with social media users widely sharing it on the internet. It is shocking how the man doesn't care about his own life while driving.

People capturing the video can be heard laughing as the man tried to handle the vehicle with one hand. In a similar incident, a man shocked commuters by masturbating when his truck was stuck in traffic. The incident happened at Parramatta Road in Burwood, Sydney’s west. In the recent past, quite a few reports of men masturbating in front of women in public places had made headlines.

Here is the video:

In February, Delhi Police had announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for providing information about the man who allegedly masturbated sitting next to a girl inside a bus. In the past, there have been various instances when people died due to aggressive masturbation. In 2016, a man died after his car crashed as he was concentrating on porn on his phone while masturbating. The car ran out of control and crashed leaving him dead. Here is a list of more such incidents.