Mexican Law Student Dresses Up As Spider-Man for Graduation Ceremony: Watch Viral Video
Mexican Law Student (Photo Credits: YouTube)

While people dress in their best clothes to attend University graduation ceremonies, not everybody seems to like the concept. 22-year-old Hiram Yahir Salas Romero attended his graduation ceremony at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in Spider-Man costumes. The law student from northern Mexico grabbed eyeballs as he received his certificate from professors who looked quite amused.

The university had a dress code for its graduation ceremony which was formal suits and ties, but Romero decided to come in like a superhero. Now, video and photos of Romero in spiderman avatar is going viral on social media. While most seem to have liked Romero's decision, not everybody was in praises. Some booed as the young man walked up to collect his degree certificate.

Watch the video here:

Romero changed into Spider-Man costume in the bathroom and put his graduation gown on top of it. He said that the costume was to change the image of law students. Daily Mail quoted Romero as saying, "None of the authorities said anything. They just looked at me unhappily. I don't remember if the Rector said anything, but I think I got a smile out of him."

However one of the students complained that he had 'stolen the limelight from the other students'. But Romero said that he was glad to be 'a trending topic' due to his attire. He also said that he was excited to work in the law or entertainment industries in the future.