Mia Khalifa is all set to change the narrative about her. Her short-lived porn career that only involved only 3 months in the year 2015 and 11 XXX videos will no longer define who she is. Justice for Mia Khalifa is already trending over social media and the petition for her domain names to be returned to her all her x-rated videos to be deleted has been signed by 1 million people. TikTok's Gen-Z population has flooded the video making and sharing app with complete support for the ex-pornstar. They are demanding justice for Mia Khalifa in the most creative ways. Khalifa feels that she has got a "whole new world" where she could "actually read the comments and not feel like I should have them turned off," said Mia Khalifa To Mashable.

Despite having a very short-lived career in the porn industry in the year 2015, Pornhub even revealed in 2019 she was the second most searched porn star on the XXX site after Lana Rhodes. While it looks like the label doesn't seem to leave Mia Khalifa, the beauty also revealed some chilling details recently about how she was tricked and sexually abused in her initial days by a "vogue photographer" and this has to be the last straw. But the good news is that a petition demanding justice for Mia Khalifa has already received one million signatures.  Mia Khalifa Reveals Chilling Secrets From The Time Her Famous Hijab Video Went Viral and How She Was Sexually Exploited by 'Vogue Photographer' and Bang Bros.

But we're glad that Mia Khalifa is providing such funny and woke content to her fans. Take a look at some of her popular TikTok videos:

@miakhalifa##duet with @naniwootwoot7 POV: you’re my 3 brain cells waiting to see if she responds 🤹🏽🤹🏽🤹🏽♬ Savage - Famous Ocean & KungFu

Justice for Mia Khalifa

@miakhalifaGen Z has my creativity working overtime to keep up 😩😭 THANK U @toenailcrust69 and ##justiceformia. Y’all are my trauma’s silver lining 🌦🥺♥️♬ original sound - miakhalifa

Mia Khalifa Shared Her Nose Job News With her fans

@miakhalifaI’d never hide behind a tree. Don’t compare urself to anyone on the internet, ur beautiful ♥️ THANK U, @deepakdugarmd. U changed my life! ##ShaveItOff♬ original sound - makayladid

So Cute

@miakhalifaBoys like this exists, you just gotta go to Sweden to find them 😭😩♥️♬ original sound - miakhalifa

Mia Khalifa on What Could Have Been Her Wedding Day

@miakhalifaI’m always clowning him on here, but today is our anniversary 👰🏽🤵🏻♬ Texas Sun - Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

Mia Khalifa had also revealed that for 11 porn videos, Mia Khalifa only made $12k but she also said she would rather have her videos taken and doesn't want any money. “I’d rather have it removed than take a dime from that bag. I was offered millions to return for 1 video & felt violated all over again by the sheer audacity that they thought my body was contingent on the right price (years after I started speaking out against industry practices),” she wrote on Twitter.

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