Mia Khalia had an extremely short-lived career in the porn industry of three months in 2015. But is still one of the highly ranked porn stars in the industry, as revealed by Pornhub year in review 2019. Mia Khalifa has always been very transparent about her regrets of joining the porn industry. However, today the Lebanese-American model shared some chilling details about the initial days of her porn career and about the viral hijab video of Mia Khalifa that took the world by storm. We don't know if she is referring to the sex hijab video for which she received death threats from ISIS in the year 2018. But she explained how she was tricked by a Vogue photographer whose name she believes was Christian.

In a long Twitter thread, Mia Khalifa explained her ordeal and it will send chills to anyone's spine if you have been deceived to be abused sexually. She started of how she never spoke about it before because of the fear of being "derided" by the public. However, now she feels safe enough to share. She said she also feels " the need to unload some things that have haunted me during my brief stint in the industry". Mia Khalifa's Journey to Porn: From Family Drama to Her First XXX Film, How the Former Adult Actor Became the Star She Is. 

This was when the "virality of the hijab video was at its peak". She revealed that Bang Bros executive Jordan Sibbs told her that "his girlfriend’s relative was in town" he said that he was "a photographer for Vogue magazine." In the Twitter thread, she revealed what exactly happened with her during the shoot. He told her that she would have "the opportunity to be featured in mainstream publications" and would be able to validate herself if she worked with this Vogue photographer she referred. Revealing her excitement she said, "My eyes lit up, I was honored & excited, I thought maybe this terrible situation I’m in could be parlayed into something positive." She began to explain how her shoot with the "real photographer" had "no hair and makeup" and despite feeling "something was off" she conflicted because she had never been on a “real” set or "didn’t want to inadvertently insult the photographer". Mia Khalifa’s Parents Weren't Happy About Her Porn Career, Former XXX Star Reveals How Her Family Disowned Her (Watch Video). 

She revealed she was taken to the "roof of the building (industrial and barely accessible) ALONE with him." She said,"I was handed a hijab, & two replica semi-automatic rifles. Following his orders, I put it on and posed for the photos the way he wanted, while he made physical corrections on my body." Mia Khalifa further said that, "His posing orders quickly scaled from provocative to salacious, but again, I was too afraid to say anything. “What if it IS for Vogue? What if he gets mad? What if he pushes you off the roof?” Was the chorus in my head. I didn’t know this man, and I was scared to my core." Mia Khalifa's TikTok Videos Are Both Funny & HOT! Here's How the Pornhub Queen Is Spending Her Time in Quarantine. 

The photographer then convinced her to take more shots because of the lights and said asked her to take "off the hijab" and her "underwear" to pose against a wall. She said, "I know it might be easy for you to say “you had sex on camera, what’s the big deal?” But you need to understand the level of fear a woman has when she feels powerless" Explaining how appalled she was she said, "I dissociated. Instantly. I was fucking terrified. I felt cheap and used, powerless and demeaned. When I wasn’t posing to his liking, he would physically correct me and contort my body until he was satisfied. I wanted to scream and cry and to claw his face off with my bare hands all at the same time." Mia Khalifa Wants Her Porn Videos To Be Removed From The Internet, Unfortunately It's Impossible.

Take a Look at the Twitter Thread:

She further gave away chilling description of how she was sexually abused. She said, "The worst part of it was when he moved his hands over my breasts telling me how nice they were. I still feel the cold metal from his rings in a shiver down my spine." She also said that to he the man was "sexually ambiguous." She said how unsafe she felt and how it "utterly crushes me, was the indignity of it."  "I was too young to realize at the time, but these men, all of them, collectively and consciously chose to deceive me", she said . "weeks later, those photos ended up being used on the website BangBros created under my name. Which I owned the domain for before they, again, deceived me into selling to them for $1." She said she  "was a pawn to them" and they never saw her "as a human being with a soul and a future." She also revealed that they "trafficked" her "into the hands of this man with no supervision or regards for my safety." She was also not paid for that shoot and neither was she informed what it would be used for.

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