Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some beautiful pictures and videos of migratory Flamingo birds took over social media to cheer us up! The breathtaking view of migratory pink flamingo birds flocking to Navi Mumbai is uplifting the mood of netizens. While you are quarantined at your houses, we bring to you all the mesmerising pictures and videos of these migratory birds that will soon fly back to Gujrat. These birds fly down to different locations in Mumbai in groups of hundreds and thousands during Winter and stay back till monsoon. Pink Flamingos Arrive in Navi Mumbai, Watch Video of Hundreds of Beautiful Birds Flocking Together.

While we are only allowed to get outdoors to buy groceries or seek medical assistance, you won't be missing out of the amazing view! According to Twitter users, the "nature is healing" as the Navi Mumbai creek and the backwaters that are potential hotspots for the migratory birds every year, has the sight in 2020 that will leave most people awestruck. The number of flamingos this year was far greater than in previous instances when nature was choking due to severe pollution levels. While Mumbai and Navi Mumbai citizens stay at home to break the chain and fight its battle against the coronavirus, you can see some beautiful pictures and clips of a flock of migratory Flamingo birds were seen at the creek in Navi Mumbai

The whole area was a sea of delicate pink. Every year thousands of greater and lesser flamingos migrate to Mumbai. While the lesser flamingos take a journey south from Kutch, Gujarat, which is the creatures' main breeding ground in India. The greater flamingos are believed to fly in from as far as Iran. Check out some of the best pictures and videos doing rounds on social media:




What a Sight!


Netizens Are Loving It!

IFS Officer Praveen Kaswas Shared A Video Too!

For those who do not know, Mumbai is known for three to four prime locations for watching flamingos! From Sewri, Mahul Creek (Chembur) to Thane Flamingo Sanctuary and Nerul NRI Complex mudflats, these spots give you the best view of the flamingos. Did you know that Flamingos are generally non-migratory birds but due to changes in the climate and water levels in their breeding areas, flamingo move to more suitable areas!

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