Mumbai BEST Driver and Conductor Waits Till Female Passenger Safely Gets Into an Auto at 1:30 am
BEST bus (Photo Credits: PTI)

A Mumbai BEST driver and conductor are gaining praises on social media for a kind and vigilant act. They ensured a female passenger's safety as she alighted the bus late in the night. A woman took to social media saying how a driver made the bus wait until she got an auto to ensure she was safe. While we hear of increasing cases of sexual harassment cases, this one comes as a wave of fresh air.

As she got down at a deserted place in Aarey Colony at 01:30 am with no other transportation in sight. To be sure the woman gets into an auto safely, the bus driver and the conductor waited at the stop. They only left after she got into an auto. Moved by their gesture, Mantasha Shaikh took to social media thanking Prashant Mayekar and Raj Dinkar.

Mantasha Shaikh tweeted saying "this is the reason I love #Mumbai." He tweet reads, "I would like to thanks #Best Bus driver of 398 ltd. Who dropped me at 1.30 am at a deserted bus stop and asked me if someone is there to pick me up. To which I replied no. He made the entire bus wait until I got the auto."

Here is the tweet:

The tweet was received with love and praises on Twitter. Many social media users thereafter tweeted their similar experiences in the city. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, the bus waited until the woman got into auto to see if it was going in the right direction.

Dinkar told Mirror, "During my training, we were provided with a set of guidelines on how to make female passengers, elderly persons and children feel safe and comfortable during the ride. The safety of women passengers is paramount to us. Usually, women or elderly people are the last to get to off our buses. We are extra careful when they take a drop at an isolated place like Aarey Colony." He also said that when roads are empty and there is no rush to follow the schedule, last buses generally go an extra mile for passengers.