The Mumbai Police recently completed 5 years presence on the microblogging platform Twitter. What makes it special is their particularly witty take to address different issues and spread awareness. The Mumbai Police Twitter account is a favourite among many Twitter users because of their creative inputs in line with the latest trends and memes. Be it the extremely popular trend of Binod or even replying to their followers, the Mumbai Police Twitter account serves not just information but also a little entertainment. And to celebrate their presence on the microblogging platform, they have compiled some of their best tweets in these years and wait, there's a pun with that too. They call it their 'meme-orable' tweets.

The Mumbai Police Twitter account actively replies to people's doubts and have proved helpful on more than one occasion, even saving someone from taking an extreme step of suicide. Besides giving updates and addressing concerns, they regularly tweet in a witty format to spread awareness about different issues. Netizens have loved and appreciated their tweets time and again. So they have shared their favourite ones this time.

Watch Video of Mumbai Police's Best Tweets:

Do you find your favourite tweet by them in the video? From using movie dialogues to meme trends, this Twitter account has actively passed on important messages of safety and spread awareness through memes. Be it COVID-19 restrictions, online safety or traffic rules, Mumbai Police's creativity of using memes with a message has always impressed everyone online.

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