Mumbai, February 2: A swift response from Mumbai police helped save the life of a man who had suicidal thoughts. On Sunday, a man, identified as Nilesh Bedekar tweeted to Mumbai police's Twitter handle, seeking information about punishment for committing suicide. Cops reached out to him through Twitter and stopped him from committing suicide. The timely intervention from Mumbai police recieved praise online. #TheArtVsTheArtist: Mumbai Police Praises Cops For The 'Art of Traffic Policing'.

On Sunday afternoon, Nilesh Bedekar tweeted: "@MumbaiPolice

I am thinking of committing suicide. I just wanted to know what would be the punishment for that. I tried Wikipedia and Google but didn't get anything so asking you." Realising the seriousness of the situation, Mumbai police responded: "Hello Nilesh, Problems are part and parcel of life. Opting for extreme step isn't solution. We request you to allow vanrai police personnel to intervene & provide you with necessary assistance." Mumbai Police Gets New Mounted Police Unit Uniform, Thanks Designer Manish Malhotra For the Elegant Attire; Watch Video.

Mumbai Police's Response to Man With Suicidal Thoughts:

Twitter account of Maharashtra Police also intervened. "Sir, how can we help you? Please do not consider any extreme steps and allow @MumbaiPolice to step in and understand how you can be helped," read Maharashtra Police's tweet. Twitterati also tried to discourage Nilesh from taking the extreme step. "Nilesh do not do it... Remember your parents what hardships they have gone through to raise you are the support of your parents. Please stay calm," a Twitter user posted.

Meanwhile, Nilesh had shared his contact details and address. Cops reached there before he could end his life. He was then detained. Many counsellors also extended helping hand and were ready to assist him in fighting suicidal thoughts.

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