Mumbai Police’s Epic Flowchart Lets You Decide Whether the WhatsApp Message Is Fake or Worth Forwarding
Mumbai Police Flowchart (Photo Credits: @MumbaiPolice/ Twitter)

The official Mumbai Police Twitter account is absolute lit, and they have left no doubts about that. The vigilant and watchful protectors of the city of dreams always find their way out to have some digital fun. Combining stern advice and concern with puns and with is never easy and we are a fan of whoever manages their Twitter handle. After gracing the ‘really really’ meme with a strict recommendation to follow the traffic rules, Mumbai Police is back sharing their concern over WhatsApp forwards with an epic flowchart. Yes, the city’s squad this time has taken a dig to the Facebook-owned messaging app which in the recent time has created stirring controversies with their chain of false messages. MHA Introduce ‘A Handbook for Students on Cyber Safety’ to Aware Students & Adolescents About Online Crimes & Threats. 

Recently, WhatsApp has been appearing in the headlines for striving to regain its image among the users. It just announced that they will now limit message ‘forwards’ to only five chats at a time, globally. The move has been initiated to crack down on rumours that have led to a series of violent incidents and lynching in India. Battling the seriousness of the issue, Mumbai Police tweeted quick steps that will help the WhatsApp users identify if the forwards are authentic enough to share. WhatsApp Fights Fake News: Facebook Owned Messenger App Launches Video Ad Campaign 'Share Joy, Not Rumours'. 

Ideal Life of a WhatsApp Forward

Fake news has become quite a quagmire for WhatsApp in India. The messaging app has been making every attempt to create awareness about the issue of false news. If you were confused to figure out the forwards that you receive are authentic enough to share or not, Mumbai Police tweet has made it simpler. Just follow the steps and fight against false information. Verify, before you share!