Municipal Officer Makes Litterbug Retrieve Garbage He Threw Into Ahmedabad's Kharicut Canal
sewage (Photo Credits: Getty Images/Representative Image)

Haven't we all felt the urge to go up to those people littering on the road and give them a class on cleanliness, the least? They spit paan on the road, throw biscuit wrappers comfortably out of train windows, stop before overflowing public garbage bins and swing plastic covers of waste into it and much more. Seems somebody who was similarly keeping garbage out of his house threw it into a canal. The man came on a scooter, stopped by Kharicut canal at the Isanpur-Ghodasar canal crossing in Ahmedabad and threw garbage into it.

While this is a common occurrence and people get away cooly, this man was not fortunate enough. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's (AMC) director of solid waste management, Harshad Solanki, was on his morning rounds when the incident happened. Right in time before the man could ride away, Solanki stopped him and asked why he threw the garbage into the canal. Never being questioned for n act like that, the man shouted back asking who he was.

According to a report in The Times of India, the next 25 minutes at the spot looked like a drama. Solanki asked the man to get into the canal and pick up the plastic bag and put it in a bin. He then gave the man three options to choose from, to go to jail for six months, to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 or get into the canal and take the bag back.

TOI quoted Solanki as saying, "We removed 30,000 tonnes of waste from the canal and spent crores on men, labour and machines. It hurts when citizens don't pay any heed to these efforts." As pressure grew, he stepped into the canal with a sanitation worker. He then offered Rs 200 to a worker to walk in the sewage and retrieve the garbage bag. Solanki forced him to get down into the canal, guided by sanitation in ankle-deep sewage and picked the bag.