National Mathematics Day 2019: People Share Stories of Their Love-Hate Relationship With Math and It’s So Relatable!
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People in India are celebrating, National Mathematics Day to observe the birth anniversary of genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. During the British Rule in India, the Mathematician has made substantial contributions to maths analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractions. Aside from all his remarkable contributions, many of us still cannot get over the fear of Mathematics. Many of us have a kind of love-hate relationship with Math. Be it the curious-minded or any back-benchers, life with Mathematics was never easy. But with others, it was a cakewalk. Keeping both the emotions in mind, people have taken to twitter to share their experience with Math ride. And the reactions are so relatable! National Mathematics Day 2019: Interesting and Cool Facts About Maths That Would Impress a Numerophobic. 

During our school days, it was common to hear, “I hate math class.” And again we had some who were so happy with numerical problems and solutions that they would take up Advance Mathematics in higher classes, just in case. And surprisingly, such experience attached to the subject, till day exists. People on Twitter are having a field day as they share their love-hate relationship with Math. You can never keep your Math memories away from you, no matter wherever you go. The struggle is real! Funny Maths Memes and Jokes That Will Cry And Laugh At The Same Time. 

Here Are the Tweets:

It Is Hard for Some People!



That's True!

Despite all the bitter-sweet and love-hate memories that we share with the subject, we cannot deny the fact that Mathematics was the only unbiased subject. You will get the score, depending on how you perform. And that is it! National Mathematics Day will always remain a significant event for all of us. Not only because of Ramanujan’s birth anniversary and his contribution to the field, but also to all the dreadful or amazing experience that we had with the subject. Happy calculation!