Netizens Make Funny WFH Memes on How People of Different Professions Would be Working From Home During Coronavirus Lockdown
Work from home memes and jokes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced a lockdown in numerous countries. Except for the essential service sectors which include police, health workers, doctors, media persons, electricity and water supply, fire brigade, everyone has been asked to work from home. But for some professions, it is not really possible to do WFH as they require to be out there, on the field. But to add to the cheer amidst this quarantine phase, a lot of funny memes and jokes are being shared on Twitter which points to how people of certain professions would be working from home. These jokes include professions like pilots, bartenders, archaeologists, marine biologists and the likes. These are jobs where people have to be out there and function. So how would they be working from home? Twitter has funny answers. Wondering What HRs Do During Work From Home? These WFH Memes and Jokes Should Provide An Answer.

The number of Coronavirus cases are rising day by day, with more than 5 lakh infected and above 20,000 deaths globally. In a crisis like this, the only way to stay safe is to be at home and avoid further spread of the deadly flu. So most governments have imposed a lockdown in countries, which allows only people from the essential services to leave their homes and head to their work. And a lot of private-sector employees continue to function from their homes. But there are some professions which have no choice but to stay put and relax during their quarantine. And now that has become a target of funny memes and jokes on Twitter. WFH Funny Memes: These Relatable Jokes on Working From Home Will Keep You and Your Coworkers Motivated With Some Humour.

Check Funny Memes on How People of Certain Professions Would Work From Home:

Pilots Right Now

Fly High

Archaeologists Digging Their Own Homes

Marine Biologists Have a Visitor

Digital Farming

Wildlife Photographers be Like...

Zoologists Are Making Traps

Fishing at Bay!


They are funny right? People are unleashing a lot of creativity as they spend their time at home. Working from home has been a target of funny memes even before. Now netizens are predicting how certain professionals would like as they work from home. We hope these memes spread a little smile on your face.