Pakistan’s ‘Heaviest’ Man Noor Hassan Shifted to Lahore Hospital After Army Breaks Wall to Pull Him Out
Pakistan's Heaviest Man Noor Hassan (Photo Credits: Youtube/Screengrab)

Sadiqabad, June 20: In an unusual scenario, a wall of the house had to be broken down to get of Pakistan man out. Weighing over 330 kg, Noor Hassan, the heaviest man of Pakistan, a resident of Sadiqabad district, was shifted to Lahore for his treatment. But before finally making way for medical attention, getting him out of the residence was itself a task. World’s Heaviest Man Loses 300 Kg and His Guinness World Record! Juan Pedro Franco Aims to Lose More.

The local reports state that Hassan had appealed to Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on social media to provide him assistance. Following this, Bajwa made arrangements for Hassan's treatment. After initial medications in a military hospital, he would be shifted to Shalamar Hospital. Asia’s Heaviest Woman Amita Rajani Sheds 214 Kgs in 4 Years, Now Weighs Around 80 Kgs.

According to reports, Hassan was airlifted with a special military helicopter as he was unable to move freely because of being overweight and other medical complications. As he was too big for the house entrance, the Pakistani Army officials had to break the wall. Media reports term Hassan as the heaviest man in Pakistan, but there is no official confirmation about this. Weight Loss Tips: 12 Harmless Habits That Are Making You Fat!

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Earlier in 2017, Pakistan's most obese person with a weight of 360 kg underwent laparoscopic surgery and succeeded to decrease his weight below 200 kg. According to a survey report released by the Pakistan Endocrine Society last year, 29 per cent of the Pakistani population is overweight, out of which 51 per cent are categorized in the obesity class.

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